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Would you like to redesign the HR processes of your organization? Are you exploring ways to effectively develop individual staff or entire teams? 


We help you design effective development processes as we advise you on selected HR questions and support the development of individual staff or teams.

Our consulting services combine perfectly with our assessments for a lasting effect!

Offer "Development Organization"

We make our know-how in the area of personnel evaluation and development available for the processes you want to develop in your organization.

Do you want to introduce a competency model as a basis for your selection, development and change processes?

Forward looking competency models are a great tool to meet the increasing flexibility and complexity required from your staff. Our experience in personnel evaluation and development helps you capture present and future needs as well as cultural aspects of your organization as you develop coherent and measurable competencies.

Do you need to develop more effective recruitment processes? Are you looking for pre-selection tools? Do you want to refine your interview technique or carry out inhouse assessments?

With our expertise in personnel diagnostics and thanks to our collaboration with market leading test developmers we help you find suitable approaches and tools, create awareness within HR and line managers with trainings, and pave the way for professional recruitment processes.

Do you want to manage your personnel development with a long term view? Are you looking for a system that promotes continuous workplace learning and develops potential talents?

We help you gauge the requirements for an up-to-date talent management in you organization. We support you in the conception of a suitable system, the selection of your tools and the measures to identify potential talents and their development. Our program also comprises advise on digital learning platforms and questions of personnel retention and allocation.

Offer "Development Individual Staff Member"

Together with our network of experienced and well-trained consultants we accompany individual development processes and support the transfer into daily practice.

Do you want to ensure the success of key persons through goal-oriented coaching as they are taking on a new role? 

Together with the relevant people we help identify strengths and upside potentials and to design the development path toward the new role. Here, strategies for positively dealing with challenges are being developed, resources made use of, and the implementation of the steps required is being ensured.

Do you want to offer your specialized staff or your managers the possibility to grow their competencies through individual coaching?

Together with you and your staff member we appraise the development needs. We support the individual design and implementation of the development steps desired and the reflection and further development of their respective competencies – always with a view to mobilizing resources for success.

Would you like to exchange views with others who are equally confronted with complex and challenging issues, albeit in another context? Would you like to be able to benefit whilst contributing to the learning of all with your expert knowledge?

We provide an intimate framework to engage in an inter-disciplinary exchange of information in a small circle of other leaders to discuss challenges in dealing with complexity and uncertainty. In line with current needs the exchange creates innovative approaches as it guarantees comprehensive transfer into practice. The participants’ diverse backgrounds will inform new perspectives and complete the individual repertoire of leadership and methods. We moderate the event with our experience and theoretical inputs. 

Do you want to deal confidently with change and the uncertainty that comes with it? Do you want to use your potential and strengths effectively in future challenges?

Our experts help you gain clarity about your personal readiness for the future. A professional assessment and a follow-up coaching will reveal your strengths and values, allowing you to know what you can count on when meeting future challenges.

Get ready for the agile working environment in your role as a leader and have an impact thanks to your newly discovered potential!

Offer "Development Teams"

We help you gather a comprehensive view of the current situation of a team. Based on that we shape and support solution foucused team development processes in close collaboration with you.

Do you want to gain new perspectives in your organization thanks to feedback from different points of view?

We provide you with the technical means to efficiently and effectively carry out individual 360° evaluations or to systematically capture the common interests, values, and motivations of a team. We help you interpret and evaluate the results, to recognize possible obstacles for success and untapped potentials. This insight is incorporated in development steps that allow you to organize work more effectively with your team and to realize and promote potential.

Do you want to strengthen your team with a structured development process?

An analysis of the situation allows you and your team to understand tensions and potentials for change. We moderate the team development process and support the formulation of common goals, the use of strengths and resources for the desired change, and the development of specific implementation measures. Their impact is shored up through in the follow up. 


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