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Would you like to find out who can best fill a newly created managerial position? Would you like to know which staff members have most potential for development and how you can effectively encourage them? Or do you need to evaluate key persons? Or is it time to evaluate the requirements placed on staff in the new, agile work environment?


Our bespoke assessments give you the security you need.


Would you like to fill a position? Do you want to be certain to select the person from among the group of applicants whose qualities best match the requirements profile and who fits in well with your corporate culture? Our comprehensive evaluation gives you security in a perfectly transparent process.

We help you establish the requirements profile against which the candidates’ profiles and assessment results are matched. Our assessment report contains that comparison, an management summary, and an explanation of the results together with recommendations for the candidates’ future development. The offer also comprises feedback interviews with you and the assessees as well as our advice on how to transfer the results into everyday work. 

Would you like to promote your talents or to develop key personnel?

Together with the relevant stakeholders we develop the issues that are relevant for the envisaged development process. After the assessments we will share the results with you in a personal debriefing, along with recommendations for development agreements. Also the candidates are entitled to an individual feedback interview. To evaluate and shore up the learning process we offer the possibility of transfer meetings or audits.

Are you living a change process and would you like to evaluate in depth the potential of your managers and your staff with regard to the reorientation? Would you like to provide the top performers of your company with the opportunity to explore the course of their development?

After a substantiated situational analysis, we appraise professional perspectives on the basis of strengths and weaknesses profiles and support superiors, HR managers and assessees in defining appropriate measures for a reorientation. We involve the assessees in the entire process.

Would you like to improve the performance and the dynamics of your leadership team? Or to better align the potentials of individual team members? Or to re-assess the skills and competencies of a team in the context of a change process?

We help you select the diagnostic tools to follow up on these questions. Aspects such as diversity and interdisciplinarity are of central importance. Once this process is complete, you will know what is in your leadership team, what is missing and how your team can act even more effectively. You will be accompanied in this process by an experienced manager and a psychologist

As you are undergoing a process of transformation towards a new, agile work environment: would you like to have a clear view of the necessary skills and competencies already present among your managers and staff and of who might be suited as standard-bearer?

With this special form of assessment we evaluate the exigencies put to staff by the new, agile work context. Whilst consistent with our proven, scientific methodology this assessment is based on an agile mindset and agile skills. Together with you we hone this assessment to fit your organization.

Would you like to have a basis that allows for fast staff choices?

Online assessments are cost-efficient and flexible regarding time and geography, whilst allowing you to base your staff choices on a firm grounding. Our bespoke solution measures up to your wishes. Thanks to our close collaboration with market leaders in online diagnostics and test development we have access to a broad range of digital assessment tools. The interpretation of the test results happens through an evaluation report and a personal feedback meeting with you and the candidates.  

The assessment process / methodology

Your requirements form
the basis of our work.

We use a variety of methods such as structured interviews, role play, management case studies, potential analysis, psychological testing, etc. After the assessment you will receive an assessment report with a clear recommendation and suggestions for development options. We disclose the results in the employer feedback. Personal feedback meetings provide the framework to discuss the assessment report with the candidates.

Our assessments are based on current scientific methods which we regularly review and refine. Ours is a holistic view: looking at the candidates’ behavior we evaluate skills and competencies, as well as their needs and motives. Furthermore, the evaluation also takes into account their future performance potential. In their totality the evaluations allow us to draw conclusions about the candidates’ performance up to date and their unrealized potential.

We distinguish ourselves through our holistic view and permanent innovation. Our clients can count on our competence, experience and discretion.

Our assessments perfectly combine with our consulting services for a lasting effect!


Expect only the best:
cedac – to know who fits.

We are a founding member of Swiss Assessment and have been committed to the highest quality standards since 2004. As one of the first assessment specialists in Switzerland, we have had our assessment services audited by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) as well as by experts from the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology of the University of Zurich – and passed with flying colors.

Our commitment to quality and the steps we have taken to further optimize and innovate through close collaboration and co-creation with our clients are the basis for the successful certifications – a path we will pursue.


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