In coaching, mentoring, or talent management: we will find the best solution for you to actively manage your HR development.

Method and Content

Customized consulting offer. 


Are you looking for an individual or team coaching for your managers and executive officers? On our team you find qualified coaches. As external consultants, they will, for example following an assessment, provide your managers and executive officers with a solution-focused coaching on recognized strengths and weaknesses.

Solution-focused coaching provides your managers with the support of an external consultant and focuses on recognized strengths and weaknesses – for example following an assessment.


You would like to convey technical know-how and transmit the values and goals that comprise your corporate culture to your junior staff or managers– perhaps after an assessment.

We help you customize the scope of the mentoring and find the right mentor-mentee combination that will effectively promote leadership potential and guarantee its practical implementation in professional life.

Talent management

Would you like to manage HR development in your organization comprehensively and with a long-term perspective, based on a system that allows you to develop your senior management as well as your backbench?

With our experience we support you in designing, implementing, and running a customized system in line with your needs and possibilities. Our professional and demand-oriented Talent Management creates a reliable and transparent bench-building process.  The structure of Talent Management: 

  • Composition of a project team
  • Development of a concept in line with the strategy of the organization
  • Drafting of an implementation plan including resources and responsibilities
  • Defining the processes for the identification, evaluation, selection, and development of junior staff and senior management
  • Implementation of the necessary tools (particularly central data base)
  • Execution and evaluation of pilot projects
  • Monitoring and optimization of the MD system

Training and Education

We offer diverse off-the-job training programs such as workshops, seminars, or lectures to junior and senior management and experts.

These events focus on the following areas:

  • Systematic identification and evaluation of managers
  • Evaluation of junior and senior management and experts
  • Training and further education of assessors
  • Observer training sessions