Assessments. And you know who fits.

Would you like to find out who can best fill a newly created managerial position? Would you like to know which staff members have most potential for development and how you can effectively promote them? Or do you need to evaluate key persons? Our assessments provide you with the security you need.

What type of assessment is called for?

The right tools for each situation.



Would you like to fill an open or newly created managerial position?

You want to select the person from among the group of applicants whose qualities best correspond to the requirements profile. Our comprehensive evaluation gives you security and offers everyone involved the transparency that creates trust.The structure of the Selection Assessment:

  • Definition of the requirements profile together with the line manager and/or HR manager
  • Assessments with the candidates of your choice
  • Written report with results and recommendations
  • Presentation of the individual profile analyses compared to the requirements profile
  • Individual feedback interview based on the written report



Would you like to uncover the leadership potential in your organization and effectively promote it?

Our individualized Development Assessments are the basis for your targeted talent development or the professional development of individual key persons. We uncover the development potential of your staff so you can systematically promote their potential. Your mandate is carried out as follows:

  • Definition of the requirements profile together with the line manager and/or the HR manager, according to the needs of the participants
  • Assessments with the participants of your choice
  • Individualized feedback interviews with the participants and their line managers, together with recommendations on development agreements
  • After a few months, the situation is monitored with an audit
  • Optional individualized follow-up interview based on the assessment results



Would you like to carry out an evaluation of the key persons in your organization?

The Career Assessment is recommended for those areas of an enterprise that benefit from a neutral evaluation of their experienced managers and executives in the context of a reorganization within Change Management. On the basis of a strengths/weaknesses profile these executives receive an appraisal of their professional perspectives. In a feedback interview appropriate measures are discussed to support their future personal development regarding a reorientation or repositioning.


Maximally flexible

Are flexibility with regard to place and time, speedier processes and/or cost reduction important to you in the evaluation of your skilled staff and management?

We like to hear from you about your specific needs and will put together a bespoke solution that meets them.

Thanks to our close cooperation with market leaders in online diagnostics and test development you can choose from a broad range of digital assessment tools. We offer online assessments either as comprehensive tests or as pre-tests for an interactive assessment.

The interpretation of the test results happens promptly with an evaluation report and a personal feedback conversation with us. You decide on the degree of customization.

Quality Features of Our Assessments

  • Methods

    All our assessments are based on reliable and scientifically founded methods, which we continually monitor and nuance. In line with our holistic approach we apply the following model: At the level of behavior we evaluate the specific performance of the candidates, i.e. their skills and competences on the one hand, and their needs and motives on the other hand. Furthermore, also their performance potentials are taken into consideration. In their totality the evaluations allow conclusions regarding the former, present, and future performance and performance potentials of the candidates.

  • Flexibility

    No latency in the execution of assessments: our flexible organization allows us to carry out even a large number of assessments in a very short time and in best quality. Practical relevance is always guaranteed. We work in German, French, Italian, and English.

  • Impartiality

    Candidates are assessed on the basis of the four-eyes-principle.




On the basis of the requirements profile, which we develop together with you, we assemble the exercises for the assessment and choose the right tools and test procedures. We work with a wide range of methods (structured interviews, role plays, management case studies, potential analyses, psychological methods of tests, etc.).

After the assessment you receive a written report with a clear recommendation and development perspectives. In a feedback meeting we share the results with you as principal. The candidates are entitled to a personal feedback meeting where they receive the report and where results and development measures are discussed.